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What is Your Dog Asking?

Why is Periodontal Disease important?

Periodontal disease is dangerous for pets, and in some cases is known to take up to two years or more off of a pet’s life, if left untreated. It only takes several weeks for plaque to start building up on your dog’s teeth. If left unchecked, periodontal disease will grow rapidly. A study of 52 miniature schnauzers showed that 98% of the dogs had developed some level of periodontitis within 30 weeks of stopping toothbrushing.​

What is the cost for a dental cleaning?​

We charge a flat rate, all-inclusive fee of $290 for a dental cleaning for a dog or cat, so you know exactly what to expect at the time of your appointment. The appointment in 45 minutes in length regardless of the size of the animal. 

Can I stay during the cleaning?​

Usually this procedure will only take 30-45 minutes and we discourage owners from being in the room. If we immediately find problems that need your veterinarian’s attention, for example teeth that need to be extracted, we will refer you back to your Vet to have a dental under anesthesia. During the dental, if we find any additional problems, we will put the information on your report card so you can discuss any further action with your veterinarian.​

Do you use sterile tools?​

Yes, we sterilize all our tools, and we use a different, clean scaler on every animal (both dogs and cats).​

Can you use this method on older pets?​

Yes, non-anesthetic dental cleanings can be done on older pets and pets with chronic kidney, or liver disease who might not be a good candidate for a dental cleaning under anesthesia. ​

Can your technicians perform a dental on every dog?​

While we can clean the vast majority of dogs and cats, there are some for whom it is not appropriate. Examples would be pets with severe periodontal disease, caries, fractured teeth, loose teeth, stomatitis, heart murmurs, etc. Whenever our technicians discover loose teeth or any other condition that needs your veterinarian’s intervention they will stop the dental, they will write the information down for you so you can bring it to your veterinarian’s attention. Call our office for more information!​

Do you do anything to help dogs that are nervous/anxious? ​

Yes, while we don’t use any sedation, we do give dogs and cats an all natural flower essence, called Bach Flower. We use a combination of different bach flower essences, similar to rescue remedy, that will help take the edge off for any pet that is nervous or anxious. ​

"I have a high energy dog that won’t even let me brush their teeth, do you think you would be able to perform a dental on them"?​

Short answer is yes. We work with dogs of all sizes and temperaments and our techs see around 100 dogs a week so they are very experienced handling different dogs. We also have the dog on their back in between the technician’s legs so they have good control of the dog versus when a dog is sitting up. We hardly ever have to turn a dog away due to behavior, but if we do, you won’t be charged for the visit. ​

How do you complete a dental without anesthesia? ​

Our technicians are set up on dog beds and we roll the dog onto their back in between the technician’s legs, small dogs are also wrapped in a towel so they are swaddled and secure. The dog’s head will be in the technician’s lap so they can see down into their mouth and see all the teeth. We will give them Bach flowers, an all natural flower essence, to help with anxiety and complete an oral exam to confirm we can proceed with the dental. We hand scale all the teeth including the front, back, and below the gum line. We finish with polishing and provide you with a dental report card to cover everything we found during the dental. ​

How do I book an appointment? ​

You are able to book an appointment online by navigating to our “Calendar” page. You can search the map by store name, city, or zip code to find a clinic location near you. Once you find the location and day you want to book, click on the location event and you will be redirected to our booking site to select your appointment time and enter your information. If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 303-654-0560 for assistance. ​

My pet has a heart murmur, are you able to perform a dental cleaning?​

We would not complete a dental cleaning on a pet with a grade 3-6 heart murmur. If they have a grade 1 or 2 heart murmur, we could see the pet at one of our veterinary partner clinics where they have more equipment and supplies on hand. Please contact our office at 303-654-0560 for more information.​

Do you perform tooth extractions?​

We do not perform any tooth extractions, an animal must be under anesthesia to have an extraction completed. ​

What if my dog has loose teeth, can you still complete the dental cleaning?​

If our technicians find any loose teeth or severe periodontal disease we would stop the dental and refer you to your veterinarian for an anesthetic dental. We would not want to complete a dental cleaning while there are mobile teeth as the gums and ligaments have pulled away from the tooth creating a pathway for bacteria to end the bloodstream and cause an infection. The tooth is also painful for the dog so we do not want to complete a cleaning while they are awake at that time. Once the mobile teeth have been extracted we can continue to complete maintenance dentals to prevent further disease. ​

How often do you recommend completing a dental cleaning?​

We recommend a dental cleaning every 6 to 12 months depending on the dog and the current state of their dental health. As a general rule, small dogs could use a dental every 6 months and large dogs every 12 months. After your pet’s dental is completed, we will let you know when the next recommended cleaning would be. ​

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