Oral and Medical Exam

Your pet’s medical history is reviewed. Your pet will be assessed to see whether or not they will be a good candidate for this procedure. If they are not a right fit for this procedure, the vet will explain why.


After all the tartar has been removed each tooth is probed for pocket depth to identify gum disease.

Oral Rinse

Before the dental cleaning process starts the oral cavity is rinsed with 0.12% Chlorhexadine to decrease the number of bacteria in the mouth.

Scaling The Teeth

We use a sharp sterile scaler removing all the calculus from every tooth under the gumline. That includes the buccal or labial, lingual interproximal and occlusal surfaces of each tooth.


Polishing smooths out the defects and removes any plaque missed during previous steps. We use a polisher, but for those dogs who will not tolerate the polisher, we hand polish.


After polishing the teeth we rinse the mouth out with oral rinse solution and check all of the teeth with a blacklight to ensure that all tartar has been removed.

Non-Anesthesia Teeth Cleaning ($290)

Before and After Pet Dental Cleanings

Before After
Before After
Before After

Watch our Dog Dental Cleaning Process (See Below)

Smiling Dental Results from Our Pets

Benefits of Our Service

Periodontal disease is dangerous for pets, and in some cases is known to take two years off of a pet’s life if left untreated. It only takes 48 hours for plaque to start building up on your pet’s teeth. 

If left unchecked, periodontal disease will grow rapidly. A study of 52 miniature schnauzers showed that 98% of the dogs had developed some level of periodontal disease within 30 weeks of stopping toothbrushing.

What you need to know

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