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K-9 Smile provides the service of anesthesia – free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of care and provides a thorough and comfortable teeth cleaning experience.

Check out our calendar page to see when we are at a clinic location near you and book online!

Frequently asked questions

Usually this procedure will only take 30-45 minutes and we discourage owners from being in the room. If we immediately find problems that need your veterinarian’s attention, for example teeth that need to be extracted, we will refer you back to your Vet to have a dental under anesthesia.

During the dental, if we find any additional problems, we will put the information on your report card so you can discuss any further action with your own veterinarian.

Yes, we sterilize all our tools, and we use a different clean scaler on every animal.

Yes, non-anesthetic dental cleanings can be done on older pets and pets with chronic kidney, or liver disease who might not be a good candidate for a dental cleaning under anesthesia. 

We charge a flat rate, all-inclusive fee of $290 for a dental cleaning for a dog or cat so you know exactly what to expect at the time of your appointment. The appointment in 45 minutes in length regardless of the size of the animal. 

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